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Double Impact
Ricky Carralero's
ManufacturerSkybolt Toyz
Assortments (1)
Alexys (gold)
Alexys, Blood Splattered Commando
China (black bikini)
China, Blood Splattered Commando
China, Commando
China, Crystal Edition - LE 2000
China, Desert Cammo Edition
China, Platinum - LE 5000
Jazz (black bikini)
Jazz, Crystal Edition - LE 2000
Jazz, Desert Camo Edition LE 5000
Jazz, Platinum - LE 5000
Story synopsis
Synopsis for Double Impact    
Sandra Vasquez, code name China, entered the New England Military Academy at the age of five. At 17, she graduated and joined a mercenary team called the Tactical Invasion Unit. Later, China was recruited by an extremely covert goverment organization, the ICI. Elizabeth Rodriguez, code name Jazz, immigrated to the US from Cuba at the age of 3. At 18, she graduated from the American Intelligence Command with a 4.0 GPA, and was recruited by ICI. This highly trained, exotic operative was paired with Jazz to form the lethal combat Team known as Double Impact.
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