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The Extra-Terrestial
 1982 - 1983 
Assortments (5)
Figures Talking
Figurines 6-packs
ET & Elliott-powered Bicycle
ET Wind-up
ET with Speak'n Spell and Ex-tendind neck
Figures Talking
Talking ET (naked)
Talking ET (with blue robe)
ET dressed as a girl
ET hiding under towel
ET holding clown toy
ET holding flower pot
ET in blue jacket with yellow phone
ET phone home
ET reading book, holding blue towel
ET wearing blue jacket, holding white cup
ET wearing striped scarf
ET wearing white blanket
ET with lavender scarf
ET with Umbrella
Figurines 6-packs
6-pack series 1
6-pack series 2
ET & Spaceship Launcher
Pop-up Spaceship (wind-up)
Stunt Spaceship
Story synopsis
Synopsis for E.T.    
A group of extra-terrestrial botanists make a visit to earth, accidentally leaving behind one of their party. The E.T. makes its way to the home of ten-year-old Elliot, the middle child in a single parent home. Fearful at first, Elliot befriends the stranded visitor, luring him back to the family home with a trail of Reesees Pieces. The boy adopts the alien as his personal playmate, eventually letting older brother Michael and kid sister Gertie in on the secret.
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