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Flash Gordon
As seen in the animated Flash Gordon TV Show!
Assortments (2)
Dale Arden
Flash Gordon in Flight Suit
Flash Gordon in Mongo Outfit
General Lynch
Kobalt the Mercenary
Ming the Merciless
Prince Talon
Princess Thundar
Flash Gordon Rebel Airbike
Ming's Jaws of Death Throne
Story synopsis
Synopsis for Flash Gordon    
The moons of Mongo cast desperate shadows across a desolate planet. The world of mongo lay devastated, a hopeless vessel of slavery, adrift under the rule of a mighty emperor, Ming the merciless. His power is absolute. His evil complete. As Ming reaches his tyrannical grasp beyond Mongo, his wretched eyes narrow upon Earth. Nothing can stop him - except a Flash! Flash Gordon, that is - a hip, flip skateboardin' teenager with an attitude. A freak accident throws Flash into the strange world of Mongo. Now, to save Earth, he must thwart Ming's diabolical plans to conquer the universe!
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