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The Action Figure Archive
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Welcome! This site is an online reference library for toy collectors. Over 97,000 items from 450 distinct manufacturers are listed in convenient checklists with tumbnail photographs.   While Action Figures (and related playsets) are this archive's main focus, it also includes numerous dolls, robots, and fast-food toys.
This archive is commercial-free, and open to the public. All guests are encouraged to explore and search the archive at their leisure.   Visitors can become active participants by creating a user account (Click Login, then Register).   User Accounts are free.  Once registered, a user can participate in discussions, submit photographs, write articles, and even add archive entries (new items, new assortments, new manufacturers, etc. )  
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The archive can be searched by manufacturer, toyline or year (see search panel on the left)
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The archive can also be searched for a specific name. For instance, you could enter 'Hulk' in the Text Search box (no quotes needed) to obtain a complete list of all known Hulk action figures.   The Search engine looks for matches not only in the archive, but also among discussion posts and news articles.   Click the options checkbox to fine tune your search results.   Also, there is a web search facility, which links to the search engines of other toy-related sites.
For toy-release announcements, and other toy-related news, check out the News Feeds (for today's news), or the Recent News (for articles the from last 2 or 3 weeks).  
Columns are public community discussion areas. Got a question? Need help? Post a message in the appropriate discussion Column.   For instance, if you are having trouble identifying a figure, upload its picture into the Can you Identify this toy? column.   This is the kind of challenge which collectors love to answer, so you should get a response pretty quickly.

Just back from the toy store? Noticed some new releases? Report your findings in the In Stores Now column.   If you took pictures with your cell-phone-camera, you can post those too.
Spotted a great toy sale?   Help everyone save money with a memo in the Toys on Clearance column.

Exhausted from days of excitement at the New York Toy Fair?   Regale our visitors with stories and photos from your trip, in the Toy Show Reports column.

To report programming bugs, make a post in the Feedback Column. This is also a good place for suggestions.

If you cannot find a column suited to your interests, create one!   For instance, if you were interested in 'Rubber Duckies', you could create a 'Tub Toys' column.
Visitors to this site are bound by its Terms of Use.   All activities are public, and users who behave badly will be blocked.
Thanks for visiting!