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Marvel Super Heroes 1997
ManufacturerToy Biz.Marvel
Assortments (3)
10" Hard Plastic Figures 2-packs
Figures 1
Figures 2

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10" Hard Plastic Figures 2-packs
Battle Ravaged Wolverine vs The Thing
Bishop vs Mr Sinister
Cable vs Apocalypse
Spider-Man (unmasked) vs Lizard
Spider-Man 2099 vs Hobgoblin
Spider-Man vs Hobgoblin
Spider-Man vs Lizard
Spider-Man vs Venom
Wolverine vs Sabretooth
Figures 1
Cable Cyborg
Green Goblin
Iron Man Samurai Armor
Spider-Man Super Poseable
Figures 2
Battle ravaged Spider-Man
Iron Man Space Armor
Wolverine Spy
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