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Sky Commanders
Defenders of the High Frontier
 1987 - 1988 
Assortments (4)
Figure Mail-in
Figures with Backpacks
Figures with Playset
Figures with Vehicle
Figure Mail-in
Geyser Attack figure
Figures with Backpacks
Ascender backpack + Commander Jack Reilly
Cable Raider backpack + Raider Rath
Deception Raider backpack + General Plague
Geyser Attack backpack + Commander RJ Scott
Rollerball backpack + General Summit
Search & Rescue backpack + Commander Rex Kling
Figures with Playset
Vector Command + General Summit
Figures with Vehicle
Battle Track Dispatch
Battle Track Protector + Commander Jack Reilly
Bomb Blast mini-vehicle + Commander Pete Crane
Cable Cannon mini-vehicle + Commander Pete Crane
Flex Wing vehicle + Commander RJ Scott
Jackal Raider vehicle + General Plague
Locust Raider mini-vehicle + Raider Rath
Outrider vehicle + Commander Rex Kling
Rapid Deployment vehicle + Commander Pete Crane
Tack Patrol mini-vehicle + Commander Cliff Baxter
Story synopsis
Synopsis for Sky Commanders    
Enter a world of endless mountains, vast gorges, and furious winds. This is the high frontier. A group of heroes called the Sky Commanders protect this land from the evil General Plague and his band of Raiders. From their mobile base, Vector Command, the Sky Commanders defend themselves from the Raideres attacks. Due to the treacherous conditions it is difficult to fly. The preferred mode of transportation is via cable or track. Each side has special vehicles that travel on these cables and each vehicle is designed for particular kinds of missions or conditions.
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