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Swamp Thing
 1990 - 1991 
Assortments (5)
Figuers Evil Un-Men
Figures Good Guys
Figures Swamp Thing
Figuers Evil Un-Men
Anton Arcane
Dr Deemo
Weed Killer
Figures Good Guys
Bayou Jack
Figures Swamp Thing
Bio-Glow Swamp Thing
Camouflage Swamp Thing
Capture Swamp Thing
Climbing Swamp Thing
Snap-Up Swamp Thing
Snare Arm Swamp Thing
Swamp Trap Playset
Transducer (with Bio-mutated Insect)
Bayou Blaster
Bog Rover
Marsh Buggy Vehicle
Story synopsis
Synopsis for Swamp Thing    
Dr. Alec Holland is developing a super plant with his sister, Linda, when the evil Arcane attacks his lab, setting it on fire. Linda is killed and Holland, doused in his special plant formula, is engulfed in flames, and falls burning into the swamp. He is transformed into the creature we know as Swamp Thing.
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