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Golden Girls and the Guardians of the Gemstones
Adventure Heroines Against Evil
 1984 - 1987 
Assortments (8)
Outfits: Evening Enchantment
Outfits: Festival Spirit
Outfits: Forest Fantasy
Outfits: Glorious Glitter
Unicorns with Chariot
Dragon Queen
Golden Girl
Moth Lady
Prince Kroma
Wild One
Outfits: Evening Enchantment
Evening outfit for Dragon Queen
Evening outfit for Golden Girl
Evening outfit for Jade
Evening outfit for Moth Lady
Evening outfit for Onyx
Evening outfit for Rubee
Evening outfit for Saphire
Evening outfit for Vultura
Evening outfit for Wild One
Outfits: Festival Spirit
Festival outfit for Dragon Queen
Festival outfit for Golden Girl
Festival outfit for Jade
Festival outfit for Moth Lady
Festival outfit for Onyx
Festival outfit for Rubee
Festival outfit for Saphire
Festival outfit for Vultura
Festival outfit for Wild One
Outfits: Forest Fantasy
Forest outfit for Dragon Queen
Forest outfit for Golden Girl
Forest outfit for Jade
Forest outfit for Moth Lady
Forest outfit for Onyx
Forest outfit for Rubee
Forest outfit for Saphire
Forest outfit for Vultura
Forest outfit for Wild One
Outfits: Glorious Glitter
Glitter outfit for Dragon Queen
Glitter outfit for Golden Girl
Glitter outfit for Jade
Glitter outfit for Moth Lady
Glitter outfit for Onyx
Glitter outfit for Rubee
Glitter outfit for Saphire
Glitter outfit for Vultura
Glitter outfit for Wild One
Dream Tent A
Dream Tent B
Dream Tent C
Dream Tent D
Palace of Gems
Olympia (unicorn)
Shadow (unicorn)
Unicorns with Chariot
Olympia and Chariot
Shadow and Chariot
Story synopsis
Synopsis for Golden Girls and the Guardians of the Gemstones    
In a world before history, when myth and magic still existed, Golden Girl and her guardians (named after precious stones) protect a powerful gemstone from an evil Dragon queen. This villain, the Dragon Queen from Storm Isle, is a white-skinned, pink-haired lady, who would use the powerful gem to take over the good islands of Argonia.
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