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Toylines (alphabetical order)
= misc= (1990)
Anastasia (1997)
Army Gear (1989)
A-Team (1984)
Baby Face (1990)
Battle Squads (1998)
Biker Mice from Mars (1993)
Blackstar (1983)
Bouncin' Babies (1989)
Bouncin' Kids (1989)
Bouncin' Princess (and Ponies) (1989)
Defenders of the Earth (1985)
Dinosaucers (see Glassslite) (1988)
Dragon Flyz (1995)
Galaxy Rangers (1986)
Gen* Patch (1983)
Golden Girls and the Guardians of the Gemstones (1984)
Harry And The Hendersons (1981)
Infaceables, The (1984)
Inspector Gadget (1984)
Jonny Quest (1996)
Men in Black (1997)
Mr T (1984)
Mutant League: Football (1995)
My Pretty Dollhouse (1994)
Power Machines (1990)
Punky Brewster (1984)
Robo Force (1992)
Sky Dancers (1994)
Smurf (1982)
Spice Girls (1998)
Star Trek V The Final Frontier (1989)
Star Trek: The Next Generation (1988)
Starship Troopers (1997)
Trash Bag Bunch (1991)
Ultra Force (1995)
Unifighters (1992)
WCW (1990)
Xpanders (1989)
Z-Bots (1988)
Toylines (chronological order)
1981 Harry And The Hendersons
1982 Smurf
1983 Blackstar
1983 Gen* Patch
1984 A-Team
1984 Golden Girls and the Guardians of the Gemstones
1984 Infaceables, The
1984 Inspector Gadget
1984 Mr T
1984 Punky Brewster
1985 Defenders of the Earth
1986 Galaxy Rangers
1988 Dinosaucers (see Glassslite)
1988 Star Trek: The Next Generation
1988 Z-Bots
1989 Army Gear
1989 Bouncin' Babies
1989 Bouncin' Kids
1989 Bouncin' Princess (and Ponies)
1989 Star Trek V The Final Frontier
1989 Xpanders
1990 = misc=
1990 Baby Face
1990 Power Machines
1990 WCW
1991 Trash Bag Bunch
1992 Robo Force
1992 Unifighters
1993 Biker Mice from Mars
1994 My Pretty Dollhouse
1994 Sky Dancers
1995 Dragon Flyz
1995 Mutant League: Football
1995 Ultra Force
1996 Jonny Quest
1997 Anastasia
1997 Men in Black
1997 Starship Troopers
1998 Battle Squads
1998 Spice Girls
Company history
About Galoob    
Founded in 1957 by Lewis Galoob, Galoob Toys grew to become the third largest US toy manufacturer prior to its merger with Hasbro. The company registered sales of $240million in 1997 but had made losses in six successive quarters. Share prices had been falling for some time and no dividends had been paid for several years. Galoob's leading product is Micro Machines (a miniature-scale vehicle line which, in its eleven year history from 1987-98, earned sales in excess of $1billion in the US alone), whilst other top brands include other small scale vehicles, Pound Puppies mini-dolls, Battle Squads military toys and Spice Girls fashion dolls. Hasbro acquired Galoob in 1998. Until the merger, Galoob was listed on the New York Stock Exchange
About Galoob    
Lewis Galoob Toys, Inc. was a toy company headquartered in South San Francisco, California. Best known for creating Micro Machines and distributing the Game Genie in the United States, Galoob was founded by Barbara Frankel and Lewis Galoob in 1954 as an import business. Before it was purchased by Hasbro in 1999, it was the third largest toymaker in the United States. On September 28, 1998, Hasbro announced that it was buying Galoob for $220 million.
official website
    Galoob  Galoob
official website for Galoob
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