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Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure
Assortments (6)
Figures (boxed)
Figures (unproduced)
Vehicles (unproduced)
Wyld Stallyns Speaker and Tape Set
Abe Lincoln
Bill S. Preston Esq.
Billy the Kid
Gengis Khan
Grim Reaper
Ted "Theodore" Logan
Figures (boxed)
Wyld Stallyns Jam Session 2-pack
Figures (unproduced)
Napoleon on Drums
Historical Playset (not seen)
Phone Booth
Vehicles (unproduced)
Broom Truck
Most Excellent Motorcycle
Talking Cruiser
Story synopsis
Synopsis for Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure    
Two brain-dead California teenagers, with a combined vocabulary of approximately 75 words, travel back in time to corral various historical figures for a class presentation that just might keep the pair from failing history "most heinously." Napoleon, Socrates, Billy The Kid, Sigmund Freud and Mozart are among those who journey forward in time with the duo in order to give the youth of California eye-witness accounts of the "awesome" pageant that is world history. Most excellent.
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