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Marvel Super Heroes
 1990 - 1994 
ManufacturerToy Biz.Marvel
Assortments (10)
1990 Figures
1991 Figures
1991 Figures, Talking
1992 Figures Cosmic Defenders
1993 Figures Cosmic Def. Reissues
1994 Figures Cosmic Defenders
Figures, Super-Sized

List all items (alphabetically)
1990 Figures
Captain America
Daredevil (red)
Dr Doom
Dr Octopus
Incredible Hulk
Silver Surfer
1991 Figures
Amazing Spider-Man (web-climbing)
Amazing Spider-Man (web-shooting)
Green Goblin (no lever)
Green Goblin (with lever)
Incredible Hulk (small logo)
Iron Man
Punisher (w/ m.gun sounds)
Thor (long hammer)
Thor (short hammer)
Thor (with lever)
Venom (Living Skin Slime Pores)
1991 Figures, Talking
Cyclops, talking
Hulk, talking
Magneto, talking
Punisher, talking
Spider-man, talking
Venom, talking
Wolverine, talking
1992 Figures Cosmic Defenders
Amazing Spider-Man
Amazing Spider-Man (Multi-Jointed)
Invisible Woman (color change)
Mr Fantastic
The Human Torch
The Silver Surfer (chrome)
The Thing
1993 Figures Cosmic Def. Reissues
Captain America - reissue
Doctor Octopus - reissue
Dr Doom - reissue
Incredible Hulk - reissue, small logo
Venom - reissue
1994 Figures Cosmic Defenders
Daredevil (black & red)
Invisible Woman (w/ catapult)
Punisher (w/arsenal)
Spider-Man - reissue
US Agent
Figures, Super-Sized
The Incredible Hulk
The Punisher - mail-in, no box
Marvel's Classic Super Heroes
Marvel's Greatest Super Heroes
Marvel's Hearts of Darkness 3-pack
Marvel's Secret Wars 8-pack
Hulk Rage Cage + Hulk figure
Marvel Super Heroes Training Center
Punisher Shooting gallery (?)
Spider-Man Attack Tower
Captain America Turbo Coupe
Punisher Van
Spider-Man Dragster
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